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Tankoa S701 for sale in Italy for €62,900,000 (£54,608,279)

72 m
€62,900,000 (£54,608,279)
11.6 m
Draft Max
3.4 m
Engine Make
Hull Material
Engine Model
Boat Type
Engine Count
RB Ref
Northrop and Johnson
Broker Office
Fort Lauderdale
Contact Name
Kevin Merrigan
1-954-522-3344 / 1-954-647-5986
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About this Tankoa S701

SOLO welcomes 12 guests in six resplendent staterooms. Her private master suite features a king-size bed with 180-degree views, a reserved office, and terrace with a Jacuzzi and sunbed. Five additional staterooms include a VIP, two convertible twins and two doubles. 

The yachts exemplary, modern interior boasts large windows and a unique open layout that allows the indoor spaces to easily flow out onto the decks for uninterrupted living space. One of the most impressive features aboard SOLO is her expansive beach club with a hammam, a shower, a sauna with a fold-out terrace, a lounge and a full bar. She also offers a wellness center, an infinity pool on the main deck aft, a Jacuzzi and a touch-and-go helipad, among other impressive amenities.


1. Luxurious interior styling

2. Guest elevator for Lower, Main, Upper, Owner

3. Huge beach club with bar and hamman

4. Large Infinity pool on Aft main deck

5. Private owner’s deck with terrace, studio and Jacuzzi

6. Touch-and-go helipad transforms into dance floor

7. Oversized beach club with spa facilities

8. Boening semi integrated bridge

9. Paperless bridge certification

10. All interior seats and sofas by Fendi Casa

11. Yacht comes with Chinaware/Silverware/Glassware/bed sheets.. turn key

Dimensions and main characteristics

Length overall: 72m

Length between the perpendiculars: 61m

Breadth: 11.6m

Displacement lightship: 1,010 ton.

Displacement at half load: 1,120 ton.

Draft at half load: 3.10m

Displacement at full load: 1,240 ton.

Draft at full load: 3.38m

Diesel tanks capacity: 162,000 ltrs + 25,000 liters long rage

Fresh water tanks capacity: 37,000 ltrs

Grey and black water capacity: 40,000 ltrs

Clean/dirty and sludge lube oil capacity: 4,500 ltrs

Propulsion engines: 1825 kw @ 1,600 RPM (CAT 3516 B DITA-SCAC HD)

Maximum design speed at half load: 17 knots

Cruise speed at half load: 15 knots

Long range speed: 12 knots

Electric Power: diesel gen-set 2 x 230 kW + 1 x 155 kW + Hug Soot Burner

Emergency generator: 1 x 80 kW

Construction: Steel hull & aluminum superstructure


At 17.0 knots: 3,300 nm

At 16.0 knots: 4,100 nm

At 12.0 knots:7,480 nm

Tanks capacity

Fuel tanks: 162,000 ltrs

(Of which day tanks): 2 x 3,600 ltrs

Extra fuel tanks: 25,000 ltrs

Lubricating oil: 4,500 ltrs

Waste lubricating oil: 4,500 ltrs

Fresh water: 37,600 ltrs

Grey water: 15,800 ltrs

Galley Grey water: 4,200 ltrs

Glicole: 4,200 ltrs

Black water: 15,800 ltrs

Sludge tank: 2,600 ltrs

Bilge Oily water: 2,600 ltrs

Overflow tank: 2,200 ltrs

Seawater ballast: 60,000 ltrs

SOLO is the perfect combination of performance and luxury designed by Francesco Paszkowski and built by Tankoa. Her contemporary interior, designed by Margherita Casprini, will sleep up to 12 guests in six well-appointed staterooms. The master suite features an independent office, a king size bed with panoramic views, a private terrace with a Jacuzzi and lounge beds offering complete privacy. Guests can be accommodated in a large VIP, two double and two convertible twin staterooms.

SOLO features impressive living spaces, with a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor areas. Guests will love the vast beach club with a lounge/bar area, a hammam, a sauna with its own fold-out terrace and a chilled water shower. This wellness center is complete with the gym & massage room equipped with the latest Technogym equipment and its private terrace on the sea. On the main deck, the 7m infinity pool is another great area to spend time with your guests. The sky lounge aft features a Jacuzzi as well as a touch-and-go Helipad that be converted into a dance floor. The sundeck offers never ending views from its sun loungers.

SOLO also offers several options for entertaining and dining including all-weather alfresco table on the upper deck aft, the main salon or upper deck salon.

Classification and Certification

Primary: Lloyd Register of Shipping (LRS), for the issue of the Class Certificate: 100 A1, SSC, YACHT, MONO, G6, LMC, UMS, as main Society assigned for the issue of the statutory certificates;

Secondary: RINA – Italian Naval Registry – Class Certificate: CHULL,MACH, UNRESTRICTED NAVIGATION, YCH (MCA), GREEN STAR, as Society assigned for the second class certificate;

MCA – Letter of Compliance with LY3 for the safety of large commercial/charter Yachts, without any limitations to the navigation, issued by the designated Classification Society.

Compliance with:

International Convention for the Prevention of Ship Pollution

  • GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System – Area A3
  • International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships (ITR, London 1969) Suez and Panama Tonnage Measurement regulations
  • USCG on oil pollution
  • International Convention on the Collision Prevention at sea (COLREG 1972)
  • International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS 1974/78) Standard ISO
  • Standard DIN

Deck and Hull

Stabilizers compartment

The stabilizers, two for each side, are housed in watertight compartments accessible through watertight hatches for inspection and maintenance, provided with ready locking/opening system.

Locally, in correspondence with the tube of the fins shaft, the hull plating is adequately reinforced.

The watertight compartments are provided with a water alarm system. 


Transom has a fixed swimming platform, approx. 600 mm above the maximum draft, giving access directly to the beach club through a stern door. The door is in four glass sections, with stainless steel frames, the two central sections will open sliding on the fixed lateral sections. Two stairways connect main deck with the swimming platform. Starboard stair includes the gangway and the panel with the shore connections.

The swimming platform is fitted with a MOTOMAR hydraulic ladder for at anchor bathing. Its open/closed position is monitored and reported by the main monitoring and control system of the ship, placed on the bridge 

Hull side openings

On both sides of the hull, abaft, two doors are installed that, once opened, shall serve as side terraces to the sea (for bathing, for giving air and light inside and to extend the area of the beach club flooring). The platform frames are in highly reinforced stainless steel. Special care was applied to the design of the platform interface, using the recommended seal to ensure a perfect closing. The platforms have an automatic locking and operating system.

In the garage two doors will be installed, dimension and design of which are shown in Designer’s General Arrangement. They should be similar in dimension to the transom door, with upward opening and hydraulic moving; for tenders' haulage and launching. The shifting of the tenders will be carried out by a trans-elevator.

Anchorage and Mooring

Anchor windlasses

Windlasses are operated by 400 V electric motor with “soft-starter” device, variable speed and reversible. Power and speed of the windlasses is in accordance with the Rules (approx. 15 kW power and 14 m/min speed).

The anchor chains are made of hot galvanized high-resistance steel, calibrated stud link. Length of chains (6 or 7 lengths, equal to165 or 192 m) and diameter of 28 mm, as required by the Classification Society.


N°2 hot galvanized anchors, of high holding power (maker WORTERBOER), approximately 800 kg, in accordance with the Equipment Number approved by the Class.

Gangways Boarding Ladder

Stern gangway

The transom has one gangway to embark and disembark people from the quay. It is made of light alloy and is telescopic, three stages with height adjustment and length of 6,0 m. It is electro-hydraulically operated with remote control and local control box, recessed in a compartment in the transom bodywork (maker MOTOMAR).

Boarding ladder

The yacht has one hydraulic side accommodation ladder (MOTOMAR), built in Light alloy, located amidships on starboard.

On the port side, a removable articulating boarding stair made in aluminum with teak steps, to be recovered at the port walkway close to the crew entrance is provided. Maker MARQUIP.


Main tenders handling

The structure of the deck above the garage space is reinforced and integrated with the support structure of the trans-elevators (1 for each tender) of max working load 2.700 kg each, electro-hydraulically operated and connected not in the simultaneous mode to the same hydraulic control unit.

Rescue boat crane

A rescue boat is located inside a protected space abaft the collision bulkhead, according to MCA requirements.

A hydraulic telescopic crane is fitted for its handling. This crane is operated in emergency conditions as required by the Rules.

Jet ski crane

Hydraulic, overhead cranes with textile cable are fitted into the fore lockers for lifting and launching of the Jet skis. An arrangement is available for crew access to watercraft when deployed.

Lift and Dum Waiter

A dumb-waiter is fitted between the main galley and various decks, though to the upper deck in a position according to the General Arrangement.

It is capable of lifting goods rated load. 300 kg approx., speed 0,35 m/sec. (maker AI.E.C)

There is a passenger lift connecting the decks from the Main to the Upper deck. It is capable of a rated load approx. 320 kg, passenger capacity 4 (four), speed 0,80 m/sec. (maker AI.E.C.)

There is also a panoramic lift connecting the sundeck and the roof of the hard top of the mast.

Main Engines



- Diesel Cycle: 4 strokes

- Air suction: supercharged and post refrigerated - Injection: direct

- N° of cylinders: 16 “V”

- Bore: 170 mm

- Stroke : 215 mm

- Compression ratio: 14: 1

- Displacement: 78 lt.

- Dry engine weight, Net dry: 10.000 kg (approx)

The engines are compliant with IMO, 1st January 2000, as defined by Regulation 13 of Annex VI to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, MARPOL 73/78.

According to IMO TIER III the exhaust plant are provided with a SCR system for the reduction of NOx.

- Rating for the "Unrestricted" service: 1825 bkW equal to 2481 Cv

- The speed of the nominal rotation: 1.600 rpm


The reverse/reduction gear is connected to the engines through Vulkan elastic couplings of type and characteristics specified by the gears maker.

They are ZF 7541, reduction rate 3,63: 1

2 x propeller shafts in stainless steel

2 x 5 fixed pitch propeller with a diameter 1.700 mm. (DETRA)

Propeller finishing: ISOClass S


Maker NAIAD Model VT200E


In order to ensure comfort and stability on board, two couples of active stabilizers are fitted. The system is sized for navigation as well as for zero speed conditions.

VT Naiad Marine VTNM 620 S@A 3,49 m2 x 4


- Twin underhung rudders with stainless steel shaft and high resistance steel blade.

- Grade A steel rudder-holes welded to the hull

Rolls Royce steering gear (rotary vane) complete with:

- Two electro-hydraulic rudder actuator of 40 kNm effective torque, for simultaneous or independent steering.

- Max mechanical rudder angle +47° - 47°

- Locking ring assembly, no cone, key or not required.

- Oil expansion tank of 25 liters.

- Start/stop and control system, frequency converter, control panel for desk mounting in the forward bridge console with steering mode selections, non- follow-up push buttons for emergency steering and follow-up controllers for independent and/or simultaneous steering of the rudders, outdoor panels for desk mounting in the bridge wing console.

- Alarm system with a panel for desk mounting in an engine control room and bridge console.

Fire Fighting System

Fixed firefighting station operates in the Engine Room, with the Generators shut-off system, the emergency diesel generator starters, the ventilation shut-off system, the fuel transfer pump and all the other fire prevention procedures contemplated by the fire prevention plan approved by the Classification Societies.

There is a fire alarm system with heat and smoke sensors fitted in the accommodation and all technical areas, with a monitoring system on the deck.

Portable and individual equipment

2 x anti-flame and heat suits with gloves.

2 x boots of the approved type made of non-conductive material.

2 x helmets with poly face screen.

2 x electric safety flashlight (hand lanterns)

2 x-axes with insulated shaft

2 x breathing apparatus of the approved type including 2 spare bottles (maker DRAEGER).

2 x 20 m long safety lines.

1 x fire blanket according to regulations

Portable powder, foam and CO2 extinguishers

2 x close proximity suites.

2 x approved radios as per regulation

2 x Flash Hood

Seawater fire system

- 400V ac 3ph self-priming electric pump - GIANNESCHI P&B, ACM 651 BT type, 30 t/h delivery, 17 m. head.

- An emergency electric pump - GIANNESCHI P&B.

Fixed water spraying system

A fixed water-spraying extinguisher (water mist) with ceiling nozzles. The monitoring and functioning control panel is fitted in the wheelhouse.

Galley extinguishing system

The galley extractor hood and its extraction system has a semiautomatic extinguishing system with fire alarm and local controls

Fresh Water System

Freshwater is stored in the double bottom tanks with 37.000 lt approx. capacity. The tanks are internally coated with a non-toxic coating and have stainless steel air vents on the main deck.

Hot and cold fresh water is distributed by two three-phase 440 V electrical pumps with a 12 m3/h delivery and a 63 m total head, working on parallel and on a sequence.

Hot water is provided by 6 stainless steel electric boilers, with a double heater each, and with a total capacity of 1.800 lt.

Freshwater production

A reverse osmosis desalination system using two independent stainless steel units fed with seawater through a sea chest, filter and collector is fitted on the double bottom deck. Such system produces 40.000 lt/day of fresh water - IDROMAR MC 20


The mixed type air conditioning system is a fan coil system (circulating chilled water) and a treated air induction plant (chilled/heated with humidity control) with adequate extraction.

In the summertime, the water circulating in the fan-coils is chilled by the cooling units with a refrigerant cycle (hermetic compressors) to a temperature of about 5°/8°C. In wintertime, through the reversal of the Freon flow, the circulating water is heated to a temperature of about 44° / 50°C

Electrical Installation

The electrical power distribution on board is provided at the following voltages and frequency:

- Three phase alternative current at 400V ac, 50HZ for all the power services.

- Single phase alternative current at 230V ac, 50HZ for lighting and small power services.

- 24V dc for emergency lighting, signaling circuits, control equipment, and navigation aids; the transient emergency lighting, limited to all the escape routes, is fed via an inverter, 24Vdc or 220Vac, or via light fixtures with built-in individual batteries and inverter.


- Two main diesel driven synchronous generators rated continuous output power of 230KW NORTHERN LIGHTS M1276A ( 287,5KVA) each.

- One diesel driven a synchronous generator, as harbor generator, with a rated continuous output power of 155KW NORTHERN LIGHTS M,75KVA).

The three generators, capable of running continuously in parallel operation, feed the 400V,50HZ, 3ph+neutral bus-bars of the main switchgear on twin bus-bars systems linked by a bus-tie.

The operating principle is that two generators can supply all the ship services in normal operation, while all three of them are necessary when the bow thruster is used;

The third generator normally acts as a spare unit.

There is in addition a 80KW emergency service generator.

Shore Power Supply

Shore power cables are provided aft in the lazarette. Ship to shore cables will be handled by two 24Vdc powered reels.

A double shore supply with a rated power of 2 x 125 KVA at 400V,50HZ, 3phase + neutral is fitted.

While at dock and wherever power is available from 170 to 510V, 3phase, 40/70HZ a 200A duly rated shore power cables supplies the shore power converters,  which electronically convert the input power to a clean 400V, 50HZ, 3ph+neutral supply, providing in this way the vessel of electrical feeding up to the limit of the shore power available (250 KVA).


Main generators, the harbor generator, and the emergency generator operate at 400/230Vac, 50HZ.

All main generators, in the soundproof box, have a rated power of about 230 kW (287 kVA) continuous output each, according to the result of the load analysis that will be performed.

Lighting Systems

During the normal operation the power supply of the lighting system shall be done at 220Vac, 50HZ, locally stepped down to 24Vac where required.

The emergency lighting system is fed from the emergency switchgear.

Interior lighting
The normal supply of the interior lighting system is at 24Vac, and/or 220Vac, according to the features of the different lighting fixtures

Outside lighting
The main supply of the outside lighting is 220Vac, or 24Vac, as required by the type/model of the light fixtures.

Optical fiber type lighting is recessed into the superstructure rubbing strake:

- 2 x lights in way of side accommodation ladders

- 1 x light in way of each side bulwark door

- 4 x lights in way of the after platform.

Footlights are fitted all the way around the main deck, upper deck and sun deck, with a distance between footlights of about 3 mts.

In addition, the following lighting fixtures are installed:

- Two searchlights on the mast structure, remotely controlled from the wheelhouse, self-centering, or Carlislefinch 200Watt Xenon (15 million candlepower).

- 13 x underwater lights ( IP68 or higher ), placed around the transom, 6 under the after platform and three per side, under the side doors, plus one in the bulb illuminating under the bow.

Emergency lighting
The emergency lighting, both transient and steady, cover the whole ship, in order to give a safe illumination of the escape runs and stairs.

The main supply of the emergency lighting shall be the emergency power supply battery bank and the emergency generator.

Communication and Safety Systems

An emergency shutdown system controls and stops the following services:

Engine room ventilation
Engine room exhaust
Garage ventilation
Steering gear room ventilation
Bow thruster room ventilation
Air conditioning
Fuel transfer pumps
Lube oil pumps
Fuel oil purifiers
Hydraulic power packs


The fire detection system will consist of the following items:

- The master control station alarm system is interfaced with the vessel general alarm system and with the general vessel monitoring system which will display a mimic of the vessel and indicate where the fire alarm is activated.

- Optical smoke fire detectors, for all the interior rooms and spaces, for accommodations and stores and technical spaces.

- Thermal type fire detectors, for the galley and pantries, as well as for the engine room.

- Flame type fire detectors for prescribed locations of the engine room space.

- Break-glass manual type addressable fire detectors.

- Short circuit separators as required by the distribution of the detectors.

Instantaneous alarm signalization:

- Engine room

- Garage

- Crew accommodation area

2 minutes delayed alarm:

- Main deck saloon

- Owner area

- Upper deck areas


The intercom system allows direct communication between the wheelhouse and each one of the following operational areas:

- Main deck after

- Upper deck forward

- Upper deck after

- Engine room

- Engine control room

- Tenders garage

- Bridge wings

- Steering compartment (intended as emergency steering station)

Automatic telephones system (PABX)

A PANASONIC® automatic telephone system covers both cabins and public spaces.

Eight external extensions will be connected as follows:
- Two shore connections
- Two Fleet broadband 500
- Two cell phones lines
- One Iridium line
- One spare

Public address and ship general alarm system (PA/GA)

The ship areas covered are as follows:

- Accommodations and public areas for crew
- Accommodations and public areas for passengers
- Outside areas
- Engine room and technical spaces

Service bell system

The steward call is activated from the following locations:

Outside Sun deck
Sun deck saloon
Master cabin
Outside upper deck
Upper deck Owner cabin
Outside main deck
Main deck saloon
Main deck dining room

Electronic Equipment


Various sockets provide wide network connection flexibility on the yacht and its further extensibility. The cables used are “CAT 6” where possible.


Various access-points are installed to guarantee wireless network connection, which will permit fast and secure Internet navigation according to the best available modern standards.

Communication and Navigation

1 x SAILOR system Fleet Broadband 250

1 x VSAT system (with 8 W BUC minimum)

Radio communication MF, HF, and VHF Systems

1 x radiophone SSB FURUNO (WHEEL MARK)


3 x portable VHF GMDSS (WHEEL MARK)


2 x SART 9 GHz search and rescue transponder (WHEEL MARK)


1 x Inmarsat System sat C Felcom-15 FURUNO (WHEEL MARK)

1 x AIS FURUNO identification automatic GPS/VHF (WHEEL MARK)

SSAS INMARSAT alarm and ship security system with two activation buttons

GSM voice/fax/data telephones connected to PABX

VHF repeater in crew mess


1 x ECHO-SOUNDING DEVICE 50/200 kHz FURUNO (wheel mark)

1 x RADAR S band 30 kW Black box type, ARPA, 10” aerial range 96 nm. (except monitor) FURUNO

1 x RADAR X band 12 kW Black box type, ARPA, 4” aerial, range 96 nm. (except monitor) FURUNO

1 x GYROCOMPASS consisting of the main unit and repeaters



1 x Doppler LOG FURUNO


2 x ECDIS ELECTRONICAL CARTOGRAPHY for certification as “Paperless”

B&G WIND STATION consisting of the central unit and displays on the bridge and control boards.

Weather Station Furuno

7 x monitors HATELLAND 20”

BNWAS FURUNO with alarm transfer to Crew mess, Captain cabin, back up officer cabin.


2 x satellite antenna SEATEL 5004

1 x omnidirectional antenna FM

1 x Multiswitch 8 in 12 out

Galley and Pantry Equipment

2 x dishwashers

2 x infra-red warming lamp

1 x grill

Electric professional cooking plate with 4 hot plates + 2 hot plates or 2+2+2

1 x combi oven

1 x electric oven of 900 mm

1 x fryer

1 x microwave oven

1 x twin tub sink with professional tap

1 x sink with big tub

1 x salamandra

1 x blast chiller

Ice Maker

Crew mess:

1 x fridge

1 x microwave

Ice maker

1 x Coffee machine

1 x dish washer

1 x sink


1 x microwave oven

1 x dishwasher and/or glass washer

1 x sink

1 x fridge

1 x coffee machine


1 x sink

1 x mini-bar Frigo bar


3 x professional washing machines, 8 kg Schulthess 

3 x professional driers, 8 kg Schulthess 

2 x professional ironing boards

2 x roller iron MIELE

2 x sinks


On the owner’s foredeck and main deck, there are Jacuzzi’s (or equivalent) hydromassage tub, fresh water supplied, according to the designer’s requirement.

Tender & Toys


 2x 24' (7.5m) Dariel custom tenders


3x Seabob FS5
3x Yamaha WaveRunner VX Cruiser HO 
2x JetSurf GP Model
Sport Blob - Catapult trampoline
Air Stream four-person Towable
Floating pool with jellyfish net 3 x 8m
2x standup paddleboards
2x kayaks
Kwik Donut
Diving equipment: full set (6) included diver's computer/knife
Water ski & wakeboard (adults and kids)
Snorkeling gear
Magic Carpet (floating)
Jet dry dock for three WaveRunners
Inflatable platform 
12x helmets
Life Jackets
3x kids wetsuits (long)
5x kids wetsuit (short)
7x adult wetsuits
4x women scuba wetsuits
4x men scuba wetsuits


The company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change or withdrawal without notice.


Air ConditioningYes
Double Berths2
Single Berths2
Country BuiltMalta
Crew Berths18
Crew Cabins9
Cruising Speed15
Engine Horse Power1825.00
Engine Horse Power21825.00
Engine Hours1831.00
Engine Hours21828.00
Engine Year2018
Engine Year22018
Engine LocationPort
Engine TypeInboard
Fuel Capacity Gal42795.89
Fuel Tanks Capacity162000
Gross Tonnage1541
Holding Tank Gal10566.89
Holding Tanks Capacity40000
Max Speed Knots17
Num Sleeps12
Water Capacity Gal9774.37
Water Tanks Capacity37000
No of Heads8


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