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Sunseeker Yachts for Sale in Croatia

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“In an age of digital production and automated assembly, we stay committed to creating hand-built, hand-finished boats – for one simple reason. There is no better way to craft such an exceptional product”. – Sunseeker International.

Robert Braithwaite dreamt of building a new kind of boat in 1969 in the seaside town of Poole. His early designs were tailored to a few customers and he built those using revolutionary materials and technology. Looking at things in an unusual way was the founder’s speciality and that became an obsession and passion. The Sunseeker team set about designing the exceptional and ultimately successful new boat, giving their customers exactly what they wanted. Innovations were made by taking direction from how their owners wanted to use their boats. This positive approach brought Sunseeker closer to their clients and put distance between them and their competitors.

Sunseeker International is the British luxury motor yacht manufacturer, now owned by Dalian Wanda Group since 2013. Sunseeker’s yacht collection is regularly updated with new yachts or improved versions of already released yachts. They are specialists in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of custom and semi-custom, luxury performance yachts.

Robert Braithwaite, the founder of Sunseeker International, was named Ernst & Young's UK Entrepreneur of the Year in October 2002. Later, in the year 2016, the Sunseeker founder was honoured with a lifetime achievement award.

Sunseekers are created with the most important skills like devilish attention to detail, expert hands’ and a hawk’s eye. This bespoke craftsmanship is passed on from one generation to another.

Sunseeker is an exceptional yacht that has come into being with a unique vision, craft, and confidence.

The Range

Sunseeker range includes:


Sport Yacht



San Remo

Own this masterpiece of high performance, design, and engineering because it will take you to truly special places with the ones who are truly special to you. Being an owner of a Sunseeker isn’t just a statement but is hard-won independence. A rare kind of liberty, that allows you to see new horizons from an unusual perspective. There are huge collections available at Sunseeker Motor Yachts and other boats for sale at Yachts for Sale for you to choose from.

You attract what you are ready for. So, get ready to feel the magic, watch the golden mornings, have relaxed brunches, and dive into crystal clear waters with your own Sunseeker. Come; experience the pure pleasures of life because it’s time to make your soul happy.

Popular Models

Sunseeker manhattan 64
Sunseeker manhattan 52 
Sunseeker manhattan 66 power boat
Sunseeker Predator 74 Luxury Motor Yachts
Sunseeker 155 yacht
Sunseeker predator 50 boats
Sunseeker predator 62 
Sunseeker predator 80 yacht
Sunseeker predator 130
Sunseeker 131
Sunseeker 75 Yacht for Sale
Sunseeker Predator 92 Yacht
Sunseeker Predator 56 Yacht
Sunseeker 95 Power Yacht 



1. Who is the founder of Sunseeker and when was it founded?

Sunseeker’s founder was Robert Braithwaite and it was founded in the year 1969.

2. Where is the Headquarters of Sunseeker located?

The Sunseeker’s headquarters is in Poole, England.

3. What is the name of the parent company of Sunseeker?

The name of the parent Company of Sunseeker is Dalian Wanda Group.

4. What is the Sunseeker Yacht range?

The Sunseeker Yacht range is the largest and most extravagant in the range, Sunseeker Yachts represent the finest in Sunseeker style, design, practicality and ingenuity. It is an icon of elegance, power and performance on any horizon.
The Sunseeker Yacht range consists of 5 models ranging in size from 77 to 131 feet. They are: 131 Yacht, 116 Yacht, 95 Yacht, 86 Yacht, 76 Yacht.

5. What is the Sunseeker Sport Yacht range?

The Sunseeker Sport Yacht range is powerful, sleek, beautifully crafted and expertly finished. Every Sport Yacht in the Sunseeker range smoothly blends elegance and performance to achieve the remarkable. It consists of two models: 68 Sport Yacht (71’2’’) and 74 Sport Yacht (74’10’’).

6. What is the Sunseeker Predator range?

The Sunseeker Predator range is breathtakingly exquisite, a very rare model and an instant head turner in any waters. These thoughtfully crafted and uniquely styled Predator models are a combination of precision craftsmanship and cutting edge design. They achieve speed in excess of 45 knots and never go unnoticed. The Sunseeker Predator range consists of 4 models ranging in size from 54 to 74 feet. They are: Predator 74, Predator 68, Predator 57, Predator 50.

7. What is the Sunseeker Manhattan range?

The Sunseeker Manhattan range gives the long distance cruisers a notable presence in any waters. The impeccable styling and thrilling performance of a Manhattan is designed keeping in mind the need of relaxation as well as entertainment of the It consists of two models: Manhattan 52 (56’) and Manhattan 66 (68’). The Manhattan 52 has been announced as the winner of 2017 Motor Boat Awards ‘Flybridges up to 55ft’ category and the Sunseeker Manhttan 66 was awarded the Motorboat and Yachting award 2018 for the ‘best flybridge over 66ft’.

8. What is the Sunseeker San Remo?

The Sunseeker’s San Remo is an exquisitely packaged 51’8’’ spacious yacht that’s expertly finished with an impeccable style and refined approach. It’s a spectacle in any waters because of its contemporary styling blended with classic Sunseeker traditions. It is undoubtedly an icon of the future.

9. Which are the previous models in Sunseeker?

The previous models in Sunseeker Yacht range are:

  • 2001 – Predator 60 Yacht
  • 2002 – Sunseeker 40 Metre Yacht
  • 2011 – Sunseeker 30 Metre Yacht and Sunseeker 34 Metre Yacht
  • 2012 – Predator 54
  • 2013 – Manhattan 53 and Portofino 48
  • 2014 – Manhattan 73, Predator 84, 130 Sport Yacht, 80 Yacht, Predator 53
  • 2015 – 101 Sport Yacht, Manhattan 63, 80 Sport Yacht
  • 2016 – Manhattan 55, Portofino 40, 115 Sport Yacht, 115 Yacht
  • 2017 – 28 Metre Yacht, Predator 80, 75 Yacht

Sunseeker is a well renowned boat manufacturer which crafts a wide range of styles and models of boats including the popular models Camargue 50, Predator and Predator 62. Their wide range of boats spans multiple categories, including monohull boats, superyachts and luxury yachts. Sunseeker has been a major player in the marine industry for many years, and as such you’ll find models of their boats dating between 1970 and 2023.

Sunseeker offers a wide range of sizes of boats to choose from , with their smallest model measuring 17 feet and their largest 130 feet. This broad range allows their customers the chance find the model that suits them best, while benefiting from Sunseeker’s impeccable build quality. With such a large variety, you’ll find Sunseeker boats of very different prices, from the most affordable at $14,882 to boats costing upwards of $20,952,672.

The company pride themselves on building their boats with the highest-quality hull materials, including fiberglass, grp and polyester. Engine power is also a key factor when choosing a boat. Sunseeker boats have a range of engine power options with an average horsepower of around 1600.0 hp, capable of reaching a maximum speed of 32 knots, a cruising speed of 24 knots knots, and offering a range of 250 nautical miles on a full tank. Of course range and speed vary on the engine type, depending on the specific model, as well as several options of world class makes and models of engines.

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