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Bavaria Yachts for Sale in Tunisia

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“Our mission at BAVARIA YACHTS is to create the most comfort on the water for our customers.”

Bavaria Yachts is one of Europe's largest yacht manufacturers. The company has boatyards in both Germany and France. Bavaria yachts are designed by the famous Farr Yacht Design, combining expertise and experience to produce popular models like Cruiser 51 and the new R40 range. In the year 2014, production for a new range of catamarans began.

As long as you sail in your Bavaria, it gives you freedom for an adventurous sail and unforgettable experiences because it has been built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. It is for anyone looking for ultimate comfort while sailing, for people who love the expanse of the oceans and know the value of outstanding sailing because that’s what makes the voyage perfect. The Bavaria yacht ranges are a pure expression of elegance, comfort, class, freedom and the finest craftsmanship. Bavaria ensures that you enjoy life on the water. The mere vision of having a happy time on the water is made a reality.

“Real freedom is born at sea!” – J. Lanford.

The Range

Bavaria has an extensive range across three platforms:

1. Bavaria Sailing yachts

2. Bavaria Motor Boats

3. Bavaria Catamarans

Own your Bavaria yacht or a premium yacht with premium types of equipment now to experience the great sailing pleasure. These Bavaria Yachts are one of the modern manufacturer of sailing yachts, motorboats and catamarans worldwide. More than 100's of yacht boats listed in this Bavaria yachts page and more on  Yachts for Sale to experience a new dimension of sailing pleasure.

Popular Models

Bavaria Cruiser Yacht 46
Bavaria Cruiser Yacht 37
Bavaria Cruiser Yacht 57
Bavaria Cruiser Yacht 51
Bavaria Cruiser Yacht 50
Bavaria Cruiser Yacht 40
Bavaria Cruiser Yacht 41
Bavaria Cruiser Yacht 45





1. Who is the founder of Bavaria Yachts and when was it founded?

Bavaria Yachts was founded by Winfried Herrman in 1978.

2. Where is the Headquarters of Bavaria Yachts located?

The Headquarters of Bavaria Yachts is in Giebelstadt, Germany.

3. What is Bavaria Sailing Yachts Range?

The Bavaria sailing yacht ranges were designed for sailors who place high expectations on their yacht. It gives a perfect sailing performance and makes you feel completely at home. It’s a masterpiece in design, beauty, performance engineering and technology that provides the pleasure of sailing and relaxation.

The Bavaria Sailing yacht range includes:

  •  1. C-line
    The Bavaria Yachts C-Line range includes:
    • C45 – 45'9"
    • C50 – 50'6"/52'5"
    • C57 – 54'9"
    • C65 – 63'8"
    • 3. Cruiser Style Line
    • The Bavaria Cruiser 46 Style - 46'10''
    • The Bavaria Cruiser 51 Style - 51'2''
    • 4. Vision Line
    • The Bavaria Vision 42 - 42'
    • The Bavaria Vision 46 - 45'11''
    • 4. The Easy 9.7 - 32'78''
4. What is Bavaria Motor Boat Range?

Bavaria Motor Boat ranges consist of economic, ecological and extra efficient motor yachts in its E-Line and the R-Line Bavaria yachts sets a new course with its luxurious spatial concept and unique design. Proper space utilization and comfortable sailing were kept in mind for the design of the S-Line in Bavaria yachts motorboat range and it redefines the design of motor yachts. The Virtess Line is a combination of luxury, comfort, design, and performance, the result of innovative solutions.

The motor boat range consists of:

  • E-Line
    • E34 FLY - 33'8''
    • E34 SEDAN - 33'8''
    • E40 FLY - 40'4''
    • E40 SEDAN - 40'4''
  • R-Line
    • R40 FLY - 41'6''
    • R40 COUPE - 40'10''
    • R55 - 58'10''
  • S-Line
    • S29 OPEN - 28'9''
    • S30 OPEN - 28'9''
    • S32 OPEN – 33'
    • S33 OPEN – 33'
    • S33 HT - 33'
    • S36 OPEN - 35'5''
    • S36 HT - 35'5''
    • S36 COUPE – 35'5''
    • S40 OPEN – 40'1''
    • S40 HT – 40'1''
    • S40 COUPE – 40'1''
    • S45 OPEN – 45'4''
    • S45 HT – 45'4''
    • S45 COUPE – 45'4''
  •          Virtess Line
    • VIRTESS 420 FLY - 40'8''
    • VIRTESS 420 COUPE - 40'8''
5. What is Bavaria Catamaran Range?

The Bavaria Catamaran line features a range of Nautitech designed boats, offering a new kind of spaciousness. It’s an epitome of elegance, the next level of catamaran sailing as it makes every voyage relaxing, whether the sail is only for a few days or for an extended journey. The Nautitech has been designed for people who love exploring the oceans by relaxing at high speed without sacrificing comfort or luxury. The models in the Catamaran line are:

  • The BAVARIA NAUTITECH 46 OPEN - 45'2''
  • The BAVARIA NAUTITECH 46 FLY - 45'2''
  • The BAVARIA NAUTITECH 541 - 53'5''
  • The BAVARIA NAUTITECH 542 - 53'5''



Bavaria yachts is a well renowned boat manufacturer which crafts a wide range of styles and models of boats including the popular models 37 Cruiser, 44 and Cruiser 50. Their wide range of boats spans multiple categories, including monohull boats, multihull boats and sports cruiser. Bavaria yachts has been a major player in the marine industry for many years, and as such you’ll find models of their boats dating between 1980 and 2023.

Bavaria yachts offers a wide range of sizes of boats to choose from , with their smallest model measuring 11 feet and their largest 63 feet. This broad range allows their customers the chance find the model that suits them best, while benefiting from Bavaria yachts’s impeccable build quality. With such a large variety, you’ll find Bavaria yachts boats of very different prices, from the most affordable at $9,859 to boats costing upwards of $1,201,725.

The company pride themselves on building their boats with the highest-quality hull materials, including fiberglass, polyester and grp. Engine power is also a key factor when choosing a boat. Bavaria yachts boats have a range of engine power options with an average horsepower of around 55 hp, capable of reaching a maximum speed of 7 knots, a cruising speed of 6 knots knots, and offering a range of 250 nautical miles on a full tank. Of course range and speed vary on the engine type, depending on the specific model, as well as several options of world class makes and models of engines.

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