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New and Used Walkaround Boats

567 boats found(441 in the category plus 126 in keyword search)

The walkaround boat combines all the best bits of a centre console boat on deck design with the convenience of an enclosed forward cabin in a V-berth.

Often referred to as an 'express'(See also Express Cruisers), this boat is a very good and useful choice for those searching for a boat to cruise comfortably with friends and family and one that has great 'fishability' factor, as essentially this is exactly what the boat was built for.

Great inland and offshore and as most of them are powered by outboard motors, this makes them lighter and smaller than your usual cruiser(See also Sports Cruisers) meaning you can trailer and store the boat at home. We have plenty of New and Used Boats for Sale in and around the world. So Choose your own boat online.

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