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Usually found in the USA, the Jon Boat is an American Icon.

A slender craft with the bow slightly raised, native boat builders formed them by hollowing out heavy logs. As time went on boat building became more of an art, and thus was born the more graceful 20 foot plus boats with long clear lines built out of old pine trees. Some say that Charlie Barnes of Missouri may have invented the Jon Boat back in 1878. This flat-bottomed Jon boat constructed of aluminum, fiberglass, or wood with one, two, or three bench seats.

Barnes was kept busing and built over 500 of these beautiful boats over his lifetime and was known to ferry many people around the White Rivers, including celebrities and heroes of that time.

Boating on a Jon Boat is a lifestyle, you buy into the simple life, Jon Boats are the epitome of the American lifestyle, fun, simple and rewarding.

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