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The centre console or center console style of boat is particularly popular in warmer climes, for example in the USA. Generally, there is no weather protection or overnight capability, making this a perfect day boat, suitable for fishing, watersports or diving. However, some new models offer a t-section cover, or of course, you can always create a bespoke canopy, but beware you don't interfere with the center console viewing arrangements.

The helm station console is located in Center of the boat, which gives the crew full walk around space, particularly useful if fishing or taking part in watersports. Center console fishing boats particularly suited for saltwater fishing(Check out our Sport Fishing Boats ) or indeed freshwater use if you wish.

New and Used Boats for Sale in Center console are mostly powered by outboard motors, some high-performance centre console boats may have three, four or even five engines! A real multi-purpose boat and some larger boats have inboards and cabins (an exception to the 'no cabin definition' obviously!)

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