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The boat for true sailors who love to feel at one with the sea and with themselves.

Eco Trawler 43
Eco Trawler 43 - The desire to set sail is impossible to resist in the 43. The stunning exterior appears to merge seamlessly with the chic and luxurious interiors. Enjoy exquisite panoramic views of the sea from the helm and sail in luxury. With plenty of spots to relax, inside and out, it is time to recharge your batteries.
Eco Trawler 53 - With sleek lines and a spacious interior, ideal for all the family, the 53 is the perfect vessel to relax and enjoy the water. With space outside to truly enjoy the sun and sea, you can experience sailing life with the utmost luxury.The interior of the 53 is chic and stylish, the design is modern yet timeless. The cabins are genuine bedrooms in both the owner and guest quarters. Do not settle for any less.
Eco Trawler 53

Hard Top

Where space is not limited by technology.

E52S - With its sleek lines and high-tech hydrodynamic hull, this yacht doesn't just chart routes, it sculpts them. The E52S is surprisingly svelte for a three-deck cruiser. The design is also particularly enjoyable. The E52S features light coloured wood, clean cut angles, with some sophisticated elements like LED strip lights. The interior design is bright and stylish, using mainly creams and wood finishes. The E52S embodies element of Italian chic combined with a sporty edge.
60ST - Coined the Sea Spider, the 60ST does not have to be moving to look fast and hydrodynamic. The design of the stern is ideal for exploring otherwise unreachable coves, the exterior is modern and stylish, blending seamlessly with the interior. The 60ST is ideal for entertaining and sharing the joy of life on the open water. Everyone below deck can enjoy the same grace and comfort experienced above deck.

Sport Line

Experience the thrill of the exceptional.

Endurance 30
Endurance 30 - If freedom had a shape, it would be the shape of this boat. The Endurance 30 won European Powerboat of the Year Award 2012. It is not hard to see why. With striking lines and a modern and striking design the Endurance 30 does not disappoint. The interior is made from the finest of materials, making this boat the jewel of the ocean. When your time away from the helm has been given the same careful consideration, sailing is an all-round irresistible experience.
Endurance 33 - Feel instantly at home. One of Cranchi's signature design features is the ability to craft beauty into functionality. The Endurance 33's interior is one of unprecedented elegance, simple yet modern and stylish.
Endurance 33