Thumb how to charter

15th Oct 2020

How to Charter a Boat – Your Questions Answered

Could there be anything more relaxing than bobbing on the open ocean (or lake, canal or river) on a beautiful boat, the sun shining on your face and a glass of something bubbly in your hand?
Thumb selling boats in a digital era

13th Oct 2020

How to Help Professional Brokers to Sell Boats in this Digital Era?

As an industry, boating has a way of sticking to its traditions. has been ahead of the game, and long before the restrictions came into our lives it was surging forwards with new and out-of-the-box ideas for selling and chartering boats globally.
Thumb how to create a dazzling boat interior

7th Oct 2020

How to Create a Dazzling Boat Interior: Restoration Tips and Ideas

If you’re thinking about Buying a Project Boat, then no doubt you will have started daydreaming about the beautiful interior you will be able to create.
Thumb 10 creative ways to make money with your boat

2nd Oct 2020

10 Creative Ways to Make Money with Your Boat

There is no getting around the fact that to take care of a boat properly costs money. So what if there was a way you could offset some of those costs and make a boat pay for itself?
Thumb best sailboats for beginners

30th Sep 2020

The Best Sailboats for Beginners

We all need to start somewhere and getting into sailing with the wrong type of yacht for your experience level can leave you feeling frustrated and demoralised.
Thumb 10 tips and advice to become a better negotiator

28th Sep 2020

Top 10 Tips and Advice to Become a Better Negotiator

So you’ve made the exciting decision to buy a boat? Your search is well under way, you’re trawling through selling sites such as, making contact with vendors and brokers, and spending your weekends viewing potential purchases.
Thumb how to make your boat pay for you

25th Sep 2020

How to Make Your Boat Pay for Itself?

Buying a boat is an act of passion. A love for the sea, the sense of freedom you feel when sailing, and the sport of boating combine to create a true love affair which, for most, is the main catalyst for saying ‘let’s go for it’.
Thumb transporting a boat from a to b

18th Sep 2020

Boat Transport: A Guide to Getting Your Boat from A to B

How to get a boat from A to B seems like a trick question…don’t we simply sail it there? Of course, the main point of having a boat is to sail it, yet there are times when the distances involved are simply too great for some vessels.