Sealine new boats for sale

Sealine Cruiser

Sealine's superb range of Cruisers have been widely praised for their versatility and performance all over the world.

This range embodies the perfect combination of performance, luxury and comfort, with expansive living space in the cabins and on deck.

The range includes the C330 (LOA 33ft), the C430 (LOA 43ft) and the C530 (LOA 53ft), all of which have an extensive list of personalised customisations available, from hull colour to interior upholstery in each individual cabin.

The Sealine Cruiser range offers yacht enthusiasts an unrivalled quality of life on the sea.

Sealine C330
Sealine C330 - Explore any sea, at any time with the Sealine C330. The C330 was designed for all waters worth exploring, from hot climates to northern waters.The C330 embodies Sealine's values, it's sociably sized living space boasts open views of the sea, making her an excellent hideaway all year round.
Sealine C430 - Unleash the power and make each mile more intense! With 26m2 of glass over a length of 43 feet, the C430's panoramic views are unparaelleled. Life on the Sealine C430 is just as comfortable as it is impressive. The C430 combines a sociable, open-plan layout with a sporty side. Kick back on the bathing platform, or speed through the waters. The C430's powerful Volvo Penta IPS engines combined with the dynamically shaped hull allows her to glide effortlessly through the water.
Sealine C430
Sealine C530
Sealine C530 - See and smell the sea with Sealine's C530.The C530 stands out on the waters with her floor-to-ceiling glass design, offering priceless seascapes from every angle. Her remarkable panoramic windows span 5.8 meters in length. The C530 is all about truly experiencing the sea, seen through her two sunroofs, offering unparelled views of the sea and sky combined.Let the daylight pour in and feel the gentle breeze.

Sealine Flybridge

With just one model in the Flybridge range, the F530, this boat has become the flagship of the Sealine range as the largest Sealine to come out of the factory.

Designed by Bill Dixon, the F530 offers Volvo Penta IPS pods and a huge amount of internal space including three expansive cabins.

This flybridge yacht impresses with a level of comfort that is usually only found on yachts over 60 ft. A yacht for the whole family: Both the exterior and interior have the typical Sealine character, whilst also setting innovative trends in the key areas of design, function, technology, performance, luxury and safety.

Sealine F530
Sealine F530 - Let the whole family experience the delight of the sea with Sealine's Flybridge 530. Whether its dipping your toes in the water from the bathing platform or alfresco dining, the 530 offers luxury for all the family to enjoy.The 530 offers panoramic views of the water and the interior embodies luxurious living. Let the light pour in through the 5.8 metre floor-to-ceiling windows and feel the sun through the sunroof. The three open-air seating areas make you feel like you are cruising on a much larger yacht.

Sealine Sport

The Sealine Sport range is made up of the well admired S330. Like the F530, the S330 is also designed by British designer Bill Dixon.

The S330 elegantly combines innovation, in features like the two-section sliding roof, as well as being entirely practical and family friendly in the layout and spaciousness.

Measuring at 33ft, the heartland territory for Sealine, the S330 is the perfect sports cruiser for family fun on the water.

Sealine S330
Sealine S330 - The S330 combines agility with luxury. The 330's sculptured hull promises electrifying moments in abundance, yet behind her agile, sporty exterior, the 330 boasts a spacious two-cabins. The skylit rooms let in a vast amount of natural light, whilst the interior embodies luxury living.