Bavaria new boats for sale


The Bavaria Nautitech Line - The new luxury on two hulls.

40 Open
Nautitech 40 Open - Fast and Relaxed Sailing. The Nautitech design team and Marc Lombard have teamed up to create the ideal amount of living space for this cruising catamaran. The interior on the Bavaria Nautitech 40 Open is simply stunning. Light, crisp and airy. Enjoy uninterrupted views of the ocean whilst relaxing with friends and family.
Nautitech 46 Open - Makes every voyage relaxing Designed for true sailors. Experience the pleasure of lying at anchor in secluded coves, or exhilarating sails at speed from port to port - with the Nautitech 46 Open you can experience all of this, along with pure luxury. The interior of the 46 Open is stunningly bright and airy, allowing you to truly feel the sea.
46 Open
Nautitech 542 - Ambitious Look Without Compromises. The sailplan and design of the hull on the Nautitech 54 are in perfect harmony. The interior has living space in abundance, and is stylishly furnished. The design is open plan and ideal for entertaining family and friends.

Motor Boats

Bavaria Motor Boats - Motorboats that let your dreams come true.

420 Couple
420 Coupe - The epitome of luxury, design and performance. With its pure lines and an exceptionally modern design, the Virtess 420 Coupe is nothing but seductive. Using state of the art technology and innovative solutions, she is luxurious and contemporary. The interior of the 420 Coupe is modern and stylish, the large sliding door to the cockpit allows a stunning 360-degree view of the entire vessel. The Virtess 420 Coupe is designed for luxurious hours at sea.
E40 Fly - E for efficient. Everything in View. Everything under Control. On the Bavaria E40, the helm is much more than just the helm. It becomes the centre of the saloon. From here you can have a glorious view of everything, a panoramic view of the seascape.
E40 Fly
R40 Fly
R40 Fly - Exceptional Design for an Exceptional Time. Onboard the R40 everything is state-of-the-art. The deck is made of teak, the stainless steel railing exudes style and class, the huge windows are made of glass, and the lounge is ideal for relaxing. Your stay will be unforgettable aboard the R40.The interior design is stunning, every detail is perfect. Enjoy panoramic views on all sides, the brightness alone gives you a sense of well-being.

Sailing Yachts

Bavaria Sailing Yachts - Epitomising the joy of sailing.

Bavaria C57 - Taking the joy of sailing to new dimensions. Offering a high level of performance, space, comfort, luxury, freedom and relaxation, the C57 is the ideal vessel for total enjoyment of the sea. Enjoy technical refinements such as self-tacking jib, bow and stern thrusters, or winches within reach of the helms-man for extremely easy sailing.
Cruiser 51 Style - Once you are here, you won't want to leave. The Cruiser 51 is one of the most popular privately owned yachts from Bavaria, made in Germany using high-quality materials and first-class design it isn't hard to see why. The Cruiser 51 embodies outstanding, uncomplicated sailing characteristics, as well as the ultimate in comfort - her exterior and interior both ooze luxury.
51 Cruiser