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You've decided you want to buy a sail boat. Great choice. Now what? As you can see Rightboat has 1000's of sailing boats all over the world from 100's of different manufacturers, including Moody, Hanse, Bavaria, Lagoon Catamarans, Beneteau, Swan, Kraken and more.

Firstly, ask yourself, are you an experienced sailor or a beginner? If you have sailed before you will probably have an idea on the type of sailing you want to pursue, whether that's blue-water cruising, racing, offshore cruising or perhaps you want a classic yacht. Should you go for one hull or two?

For a beginner it can be a more daunting task, are you considering a small sailing dinghy? Have you joined a local sailing club? Do you want to trailer the boat? Who is going to sail with you? Do your research and set a budget.

Sort your search quickly by newly listed, price, the age of the boat, or length or price. Alternatively, refine by using keywords and sliders.

We'll put you in touch with the yacht broker or seller quickly and easily, and the rest is up to you. Check out our huge list of New and Used Sail Boats for Sale available near you, We have over thousands of Boats for Sale in and around the world, explore to find your next boat online. We the world’s fastest growing online marketplace for buying and Listing Your Boats will show your boat globally that allows millions of audience to see it, this makes to sell your boat fast or quicker.


Westerly Sadler Lagoon Moody CNB Hanse Camper & Nicholson Island Packet Catana Wauquiez X-Yachts Bruce Roberts Macgregor Contest Dehler Jeanneau Tayana Dufour Yachts Corsair Oyster Cockwells Elan Colvic Legend J Boats Hunter Sigma LM Atlantis C & C Yachts Catalina Tartan Nautor's Swan Legacy Irwin Yachts Maverick Iroquois Nimble Van De Stadt Commodore Paul Luke Kettenburg Newick Admiral Hurley Prout Jaguar Hallberg-Rassy WESTERLY YACHTS Kirie Bavaria Yachts Gibert Marine Fortuna Cantiere Del Pardo Robertson and Caine Nautor Shipman Yachts Sunbeam Poncin Yachts Etap Yachting Jongert Nautitech Alliage NORDCANTIERI Solaris Broadblue Privilege Catalac Tradewind Gemini Spirit Stirling & Son Dragonfly Rival Yachts Dean Grainger Manta Neel Rossiter Yachts Star Twins Outremer Astus C28 Cruze Pulse Woods Triskel Speed Girelle Dazcat Kelsall Lavezzi Summer Tropic Freely Pahi Format Telstar Farrier F Aikane Seawind Shangri Corsair Custom Lipari Albatross Maram Mattia IBC Yachting Icmeler Bodrum Marine Composite MOINARD Golden Hind Heavenly Twins NYX Lock BELIZE Baron van Höevell Prometa Bahia Grey Melges Scottish Venezia Knysna Cantieri Nautici Tigullio Turkish Gulet Lerouge Rayvin 9 Pinta Finot Cross Caraibes F25 EM Cantiere Gilardoni Lidgard Outbound Mavi Windship Bali Motorjacht Aventura Marsaudon Azzura Andaman Shuttle Universal Marine Durukos HAVEY YACHTS Mistral Composite Turkish Shipyards Bach Woods Sagitta NAVAL ADRIATICA Naviplane FIDJI Southward F31 Evazion KL28 Helia Eleva Meridienne Wadvogel Havkat Bristol


Admiral Sail Boats 12 Albatross Sail Boats 3 Alliage Sail Boats 1 Atlantis Sail Boats 5 Aventura Sail Boats 2 Azzura Sail Boats 1 Bach Sail Boats 1 Baron van Höevell Sail Boats 1 Bavaria Yachts Sail Boats 323 BELIZE Sail Boats 6 Broadblue Sail Boats 9 Bruce Roberts Sail Boats 19 C & C Yachts Sail Boats 7 Camper & Nicholson Sail Boats 3 Cantiere Del Pardo Sail Boats 3 Catalac Sail Boats 5 Catalina Sail Boats 71 Catana Sail Boats 17 CNB Sail Boats 10 Colvic Sail Boats 34 Contest Sail Boats 22 Corsair Sail Boats 15 Dazcat Sail Boats 1 Dean Sail Boats 1 Dehler Sail Boats 44 Dragonfly Sail Boats 2 Dufour Yachts Sail Boats 131 Elan Sail Boats 24 EM Sail Boats 1 Farrier Sail Boats 1 Gemini Sail Boats 14 Gibert Marine Sail Boats 1 Golden Hind Sail Boats 2 Hanse Sail Boats 118 Heavenly Twins Sail Boats 2 Hunter Sail Boats 96 Hurley Sail Boats 6 Iroquois Sail Boats 2 Irwin Yachts Sail Boats 9 Island Packet Sail Boats 22 J Boats Sail Boats 28 Jaguar Sail Boats 6 Jeanneau Sail Boats 730 Jongert Sail Boats 16 Kelsall Sail Boats 1 Kettenburg Sail Boats 1 Kirie Sail Boats 2 Knysna Sail Boats 3 Lagoon Sail Boats 198 Legacy Sail Boats 11 Legend Sail Boats 7 LM Sail Boats 13 Macgregor Sail Boats 20 Manta Sail Boats 4 Maverick Sail Boats 2 Melges Sail Boats 1 Moody Sail Boats 99 Nautitech Sail Boats 28 Nautor's Swan Sail Boats 40 Neel Sail Boats 1 Outremer Sail Boats 6 Oyster Sail Boats 17 Paul Luke Sail Boats 1 Privilege Sail Boats 9 Prout Sail Boats 16 Hallberg-Rassy Sail Boats 54 Robertson and Caine Sail Boats 2 Sadler Sail Boats 20 Seawind Sail Boats 9 Shangri Sail Boats 1 Shipman Yachts Sail Boats 2 Sigma Sail Boats 11 Solaris Sail Boats 11 Spirit Sail Boats 3 Star Twins Sail Boats 1 Summer Sail Boats 1 Sunbeam Sail Boats 4 Tartan Sail Boats 21 Tayana Sail Boats 20 Tradewind Sail Boats 4 Turkish Gulet Sail Boats 2 Van De Stadt Sail Boats 23 Wauquiez Sail Boats 13 Westerly Sail Boats 65 Woods Sail Boats 2 X-Yachts Sail Boats 9