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Rigid Inflatable Boat - RIB Boats for sale

8003 boats found(-67644 in the category plus 75647 in keyword search)

RIB stands for Rigid Inflatable boats, often know as an inflatable boat. It is a small open boat with a fibreglass hull and inflatable rubber sides. A solid V hull with flexible tubing at the gunwale. High-performance Boats like RIBS and high-capacity RIBS, extremely stable and seaworthy and used for a variety of different jobs.

There are several different types of RIBs - leisure RIBS, commercial RIBS, sports/dive RIBS, cabin RIBS and racing RIBS. In this section, we have a range of new and used Boats for Sale RIB's listed, from top manufacturers like Brig Boats, Zodiac Boats, RIB-X Boats, Ballistic Boats and more, so take your pick of the bunch.

Zodiac Boats, inflatable boats, Pascoe RIBS, Brig RIBS are all popular inflatable boats for sale.

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