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Inflatable Boats for sale

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Inflatable Boats, what a great way to start boating! Just as the name of these boats suggests, it's air that pumps up the flexible tube that forms the outer rim of the boat. Rubberized, synthetic, durable fabrics such as PVC or Hypalon prevent punctures in your inflatable boat. Often you will find a rigid transom is included and onto this sits a small outboard motor.

You will often find inflatable boats zipping around marinas, or up rivers, used as tenders to bigger boats, or as a fun way to start boating for the family.

Smaller inflatable boats you can buy cheaply from your local chandlery or online, as the size of your requirements. The floor can be inflated or rigid, the latter formed by assembling wood, plastic or aluminum panels.

A variation on the inflatable is the RIB or rigid inflatable boat. RIBs feature similar tubes to form the bow and sides but add a rigid hull (bottom running surface) and floor. This hull allows the boat to handle waves better and provides a more comfortable ride. RIBs can also typically handle higher horsepower engines.

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