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Canal Boats for sale

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A canal boat is often known as a narrow boat. A canal boat is usually 7' wide and up to 70' long, usually fitted with engines, found cruising the inland waterways. Now deemed very popular as an 'all-round' craft, often the narrow beam does limit space. Often known as a wide-beam canal boat or Dutch board for sale.

The hulls and cabin construction of canal/narrowboats are usually generally made of steel, (some cabins are also built out of wood or fibreglass). Most narrowboats built in the last 20 years will be of all-steel construction.

Some narrow boats may have a more traditional style (called trads) than others. They allow more space in the rear for living accommodation or storage.

Canal/narrow boat cruisers - allow more deck space. This is useful if several people want to join the helmsman whilst they are steering.

Narrowboat semi-traditional is a real pleaser as a great compromise between the two. Looking very traditional but with lots of rear deck space, great for entertaining and storing essential provisions.

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