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Yamaha boats for sale

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"I believe that the most important thing when building a product is to always keep in mind the standpoint of the people who will use it." - Genechi Kawakami. (Founder Yamaha Motor Co.)

Yamaha is a proud manufacturer having a marine heritage for more than 5 decades. Since the development of the first boat made in Japan from fiberglass reinforced plastic in the year 1958, Yamaha has been at the forefront place of the boating industry. The Yamaha WaveRunner line was a successful consumer sensation in 1989, that mesmerized the crowd who admired greatly. Thus, Yamaha engineers started exploring the practicalities of creating much more thrilling and unforgettable experiences for customers on the water through new product offerings.

“It isn’t a product if it isn’t world class.” - Genichi Kawakami. These words are an encouragement and an indication for the Yamaha group to always set their aims high.

Yamaha strives in building a corporate culture that inspires innovation and originality which brings joy and wonderful euphoria of the kind that enhances customer's lives with new gratification. Yamaha Watercraft won two NMMA Marine Industry Awards for 90% plus customer satisfaction in the year 2017.

Yamaha products are blended with logic and emotions, with technology that continues to push boundaries and fill needs keeping in mind the customer expectations in order to maximize their trust and satisfaction, bringing joy and excitement into people's lives. The original styling, attention to detail, enhanced functionality, and fresh coloring, has captured the public's attention. Yamaha strives in creating ‘Kando’ - Kando is a Japanese word for the concurring feeling of profound satisfaction and intense thrill that people experience when they confront something of extraordinary value. Yamaha aims in creating strong connections with customers by delivering true products.

The Range

Yamaha Boats:

19 Foot Boats

21 Foot Boat

24 Foot Boats

Wake Series

Center Console Boat

Exceeding all other boats in their category, the Yamaha jet boat manufacturers have become the gold standard for all open bow family fun runabout boats. Innovation and engineering are the two aspects of Yamaha culture and values that offer a superior level of performance on the water. So, select from the many Yamaha boats for sale listed at www.rightboat.com and step aboard to make unforgettable memories with your family and friends. And if you have a pre-owned Yamaha boat, you can sell your boat online through Rightboat.com where your selling is made easier and simpler.

Popular Models

Yamaha AR192 Boat 

Yamaha AR195 Boat

Yamaha AR230 Boat

Yamaha AR240 Boat

Yamaha SX192 Boat

Yamaha 190 FSH Boat

Yamaha 212X Boat




1 When was Yamaha boats founded?
Yamaha boats was founded in the year 1958.

2. Where is the headquarters of Yamaha boats located?
The Yamaha boats headquarter is in Georgia, U.S.A.

3. What are the special features of the Yamaha 19 foot boats range?
The Yamaha 19 foot boats feature Yamaha's most powerful engine, the SVHO® for more adventure on the water with supercharged performance. It has many standard features and amenities like a trailer with swing-away tongue, a premium stereo system, a folding tower for easy storage, marine-grade carpets, and a BiminiTM Top. It is designed with your family in mind right from wakeboarding and tubing to swimming and entertaining, you can use the Yamaha exclusive two-tiered swim platform as a staging area for all activities with your family.

SX190 - 19' 5''
AR190 - 19' 5''
SX195 - 19' 5''
AR195 - 19' 5''

4. What are the special features of Yamaha 21 foot boats range?
The Yamaha 21 foot boats render a superior boating experience and every family can enjoy an affordable boating adventure without forgoing luxury and top performance with the latest Yamaha engine technology. The new 21-foot boat has a touchscreen helm control system, that integrates entertainment, operation functions, and essential system information. The best feature is the award-winning TR-1 engines that give the best performance and fuel efficiency. Yamaha's 21-foot boat range provides a comfortable ride for all on board with Yamaha’s exclusive Quiet Cruise sound dampening system.

SX210 - 21' 3''
AR210 - 21' 3''
212 Limited - 21' 3''
212 Limited S - 21' 3''

5. What are the special features of the Yamaha 24 foot boats range?
The Yamaha 24 foot boats renders helm control at fingertips. The 12" screen and a GPS-enabled nautical chart is a great feature in the 24-foot models. The connext touchscreen helm control system gives a fully customizable driving experience with progressive wake sports capabilities. The ‘Quiet Cruise’ controls the amount of engine noise and vibration that enters the cabin and all onboard experiences a quiet and comfortable ride.
No Wake ModeTM, Thrust Directional Enhancer, and the patented articulating keel for immediate steering response are included in this innovative suite of technologies.

SX240 - 24'
AR240 - 24'
242 Limited S - 24'
242 Limited S E-Series - 24'

6. What are the special features of the Yamaha Wake series?
Wake Series: "The 212X is 21 feet of versatility on the water. The watersports features are everything I need to perform at a high level behind the boat and when I step inside I know that nothing is off-limits. Impressed would be an understatement I am blown away at how well this boat performs." - Danny Hampson, Pro Wake Athlete. Yamaha's wake series has a host of upgraded features and details. It provides an improved surf wake for improved rideability and the helm control is at your fingertips with the 12" connext providing a fully-customizable driving experience with programmable profiles. The Yamaha 242X E-Series is the exclusive jet boat titled “Wakesurf Worthy” by Wakeboarding Magazine. The amount of engine noise and vibration that enters the cabin is controlled by ‘Quiet Cruise’. All onboard thus experience a quiet and comfortable ride in the wake series.

212X - 21' 3''
242X E-Series - 24'

7. What are the special features of the Yamaha Center Console series?
The Yamaha centre console offers a new outlook on jet power and the new designs give you a perfect day on the water. All the features that a fishing family needs are present in the FSH series boats. In order to create a better boating experience, Yamaha offers advanced responsive handling features that give better control and maneuverability. Yamaha's internal propulsion system allows for a complete 360-degree open view around the boat.
You experience one adventure to the next relying on the 50-year marine heritage, legendary reliability, and the TR-1 HO engine on the center console series.

190 FSH - 19' 5''
190 FSH Deluxe - 19' 5''
190 FSH Sport - 19' 5''
210 FSH - 21' 3''
210 FSH Deluxe - 21' 3''
210 FSH Sport - 21' 3''