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Why Superyacht Charters with Kids are the Perfect Family Holiday

We often think of superyacht charters as a holiday for adults. The glitz and glam, the luxury surroundings, and the sophisticated destinations ooze adult entertainment. Yet a superyacht can offer a truly magical and enriching family holiday where children can not only have a huge amount of fun, but also learn about the oceans, wildlife, nature, different cultures, and fascinating destinations. 


Choosing the right superyacht for a family charter can be somewhat different than choosing one for a group of adults. There are considerations to take into account from cabin layouts to water toys and the right itinerary. Your superyacht charter broker will advise you on the best family friendly superyachts, depending on the ages of your children, the cruising grounds and your interests to ensure you have the perfect experience. 


It is normal to feel some apprehension about the idea of taking children on a superyacht, especially if they are very young. Will they be safe? Will they be bored? Is it the right environment for children? Here we take a look at exactly why a superyacht holiday with children is in fact one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences you can have as a family.


You will have precious time together…but also time for yourself

Family holidays are about spending quality time together away from the distractions of everyday life, and a superyacht is the perfect place to make those memories. Imagine watching dolphins jump alongside the bow as you cruise through the Bahamas, or watching a movie together snuggled on the top deck under the stars. There are family meals to enjoy, laughter as you watch Dad try and master a stand up paddleboard and hidden coves to explore by kayak. Yet a family holiday is also about unwinding and taking time for yourself, and a superyacht gives everyone their space to do so. Indulge in a massage or spa treatment while the kids play board games in the saloon, soak up the sun on the swim platform while the crew takes the kids snorkelling, or relax with a cocktail in the Jacuzzi while they’re tucked up in bed after an exhausting day of water sports. 


The ocean is their playground

Water, water everywhere…and so much fun to have in it! Superyachts are packed full of the newest and best water toys and kids will feel like all their Christmasses have all come at once as they spend their days hopping from one to another in their very own water park. Older teens will enjoy classic Jet skis and new-fangled seabobs and jetpacks, while younger kids will squeal with laughter on inflatable slides, trampolines and a myriad of towables. Enclosed, netted sea pools will make a safe and jellyfish-free place to swim for smaller children, and there are also more serene options such as kayaks and paddleboards which are perfect for coastal explorations. 


They will get to experience new destinations

Superyachts cruise some of the most spectacular destinations on the planet, and your choice of cruising ground will depend on our family’s interests. Discover the ancient history and relics of Greece on a Greek island cruise, head for the azure waters and tropical beauty on a family yacht charter in the Caribbean, or venture into the Pacific Islands for untouched natural wonders. Children love new experiences and the chance to head ashore and discover cultures different to their own will broaden their horizons. Whether you opt for a sun-soaked Mediterranean superyacht charter or an explorer yacht to take you deep into the Arctic realm, your children will have unrivalled experiences they will cherish forever. 


It builds a respect and love for the oceans

Being at sea for a prolonged period of time allows children to develop a love for the ocean. During a week-long family-friendly superyacht charter they will see how the weather and tides change, watch the captain use navigational tools to guide the yacht, and see marine life as you cruise along or snorkel on coral reefs and rocky coves. The rhythm of the vast oceans is something that has to be felt to be understood, the blue skies, navy oceans, turquoise atolls and the life that thrums under the surface can help to broaden perspectives and open children’s minds. 


They can get involved in helping the crew

While the crew of a superyacht are not there to act as babysitters (but you’re welcome to bring your own nannies along), they are always happy to help children enjoy their superyacht experience. Your broker can advise on yachts where the crew are more experienced with children who will enjoy getting them involved. Children can help the captain on the bridge as they learn about navigation, make food with the chef in the galley, enjoy pirate-themed treasure hunts on deserted beaches, experience shore excursions by tender, and of course spend hours having safe fun with the water toys, all while watched by the trained and experienced eyes of the crew. 


Safety is taken very seriously

Which brings us on to safety. Some parents are concerned that being surrounded by water is not the right place for a child-friendly holiday, but rest assured safety is of the utmost importance on a superyacht. Captains and crew are highly trained in keeping all passengers safe and have strict protocols in place. Life vests for children are worn when on deck, netting can be attached to the sides of the yacht to protect smaller children, stairgates can be installed inside the boat and the crew is always on alert to ensure everyone on board stays safe. 


They will never get bored

Children can easily get bored, but a superyacht is a floating entertainment palace for kids. If they tire of the water toys, the dazzling destinations, the beach picnics, the snorkelling trips, the star gazing evenings and copious amounts of food, the yacht itself is packed with things to do. State-of-the-art entertainment systems are commonplace, as are games consoles, music systems, and cinema rooms. There is everything from classic board games to the latest video games to while away evenings before another day of fresh sea air and unadulterated fun. 


They will love the food 

With a private chef on hand to create a menu based on your family’s choices there is zero chance that your children won’t love the food on board. While you might request a seven-course taster menu with wine pairings one evening, your chef will be more than happy to whip up homemade fish fingers, burgers and chips, or spaghetti Bolognese for the children to devour. There will be lavish breakfasts, hearty lunches and fun snacks galore, so you’ll never have to hear those dreaded words ‘I’m hungry!’. 


Rightboat.com has hundreds of the world’s best superyachts available for sale or charter in destinations across the world. Start your yachting journey as you plan a family-friendly superyacht holiday with the help and guidance of some of the best brokers in the industry. Get searching and treat your family to an experience they’ll never forget. 


Written By: Rightboat

The Rightboat team

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