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7th Aug 2017 by Rightboat

Funny t-shirts for the quick-witted sailor

Whether they're a gift, or for yourself, these t-shirt will definitely make you smile


'Let's Get Shipfaced'- Amazon £17 onwards

Let's Get Shipfaced T-shirt

'If you can read this. I have capsized' - Amazon £8 onwards

If you can read this. I have capsized T-Shirt

'Adventure before dementia' - Amazon £8 onwards

Adventure before dementia T-Shirt

'I'm outdoorsy I drink on boats' - Amazon £15 onwards

i'm outdoorsy i drink on boat t-shirt

'Sorry I already made plans with my boat' - Amazon £17 onwards

Sorry I already made plans with my boat t-shirt

'I work to support my cruising addiction' - Amazon £14.58- £17.49

addiction t-shirt

'Lets get nauti'- Amazon £14 onwards

Lets get nauti t-shirt

'W anchor' - Amazon £6 onwards

W anchor t-shirt

'I like big boats and I cannot lie' - Amazon £13 onwards

I like big boats and I cannot lie t-shirt

'Today's schedule...' - Amazon £18.49

Todays schedule t-shirt


Find all funny boat t-shirt on Amazon.co.uk 

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