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13th Oct 2020 by Rightboat

How to Help Professional Brokers to Sell Boats in this Digital Era?

As an industry, boating has a way of sticking to its traditions. And while these should be embraced, there is a fine line between traditions and simply getting stuck in our ways. Now more than ever, the boat sales and charter industry needs to look forwards, and use the technological innovations we have at our disposal. If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything it’s to be flexible and adaptable, to find new ways to achieve results when the old ways are no longer available. As a company, Rightboat.com has been ahead of the game, and long before the restrictions came into our lives it was surging forwards with new and out-of-the-box ideas for selling and chartering boats globally.

So what is it that Rightboat.com is doing so differently and with such booming success? Well, the answer is simple….and that’s exactly the way they want it to be. 


A Simple Approach to Boat Sales


The concept is simple. Brokers and traders want to sell or charter boats, and tens of thousands of customers want to buy or use them. So at Rightboat.com they have taken a simple equation and focused wholly on making that happen. Contracts and subscriptions, packages and sales speak are long gone, and in their place is a sophisticated, user-friendly platform with a pay-as-you-go approach and genuine, verified buyer and charterer leads. It’s transparent, it’s simple but, most crucially, it’s effective. 


Over 4,500 brokers all over the world already use Rightboat.com to manage their boat sales and charter inventory listings. In a challenging and competitive marketplace, the idea of providing better leads for less money raises eyebrows. Yet it is this concept which is the backbone of Rightboat’s success. By using smart digital marketing techniques, a support team of real people happy to answer a telephone, and a simple, no-strings approach to listing boats online it is a risk-free and proven solution.  Check out this link for all Boat Broker Benefits @rightboat.com


Connecting the Boat-Buying World through Digital Innovation


Digital boat searches were here long before COVID-19, but 2020 has seen a huge boom in the use of genuine online leads and an increased trust from consumers when considering large purchases. Where before people might browse for ideas, buyers are now keener to make serious enquiries, whether it’s for a new car, house or boat.

“Rightboat’s presentation of boats on its website offers unlimited images, videos and well-displayed specifications to help buyers make informed decisions” says Nicky Tucker, managing director at Rightboat.com. “Now more than ever, these well-established and innovatively developed tools are vital to customers who can request a charter quote, arrange a viewing, download details or start a conversation. It is these simple, concise calls to action that our broker-sellers benefit from.”


It’s Goodbye to Contracts and Hello to Pay-as-You-Go


“We often get asked ‘what’s the catch’?” says Nicky. “And the honest and simple answer is that there isn’t one.” By doing away with the antiquated system of contracts and subscriptions and offering a transparent, cost-effective and honest approach to sales and charter leads, Rightboat.com take the risk out of online boat sales and charters. Broker-sellers can opt for one of two straightforward listing options to suit their business. There is the Pay Per Lead option, allowing them to list all their boats for free and only pay for genuine leads. Or the economical Pay Per Boat option which allows for unlimited enquiries at no extra costs. For either option there are no set up costs, no subscriptions and no bombardment of website traffic data. They simply let the leads speak for themselves. 


When Quality and Quantity Matter


“We foresaw that a pay per lead option might be viewed with caution or wariness in the industry” explains Nicky of their unique member’s verification process. “How could our brokers know that the leads they were getting were not just genuine, but strong leads from serious buyers and charterers? So we became the only classified market in the industry to verify member's details before they enquire on a boat.” While Rightboat acknowledges that some people might find this off-putting, they believed strongly – and have been proven right - that true prospective buyers are willing to go that further step. 


What this means for broker-sellers is that the leads they receive on their boats are serious, and they can instantly assess a buyer’s intent.

“We are all busy people”, says Nicky, “so while we use smart digital marketing techniques to encourage buyers at any stage in their boat-buying journey to come and search our tens of thousands of boats, we want our broker-sellers to receive all the information on any lead which comes through, so they can quickly assess and respond”.


Real People with a Passion for Boats


So who are Rightboat.com? The team has over 135 years of experience in the industry and between them have owned powerboats, RIBS, jet-skis, sailing yachts and many more. They have sailed 40,000 nautical miles across the Atlantic (and back) several times, worked on superyachts in the Mediterranean, chartered boats in the Caribbean and truly lived the boating life. In short, these are real people with a genuine passion for boating. And where Rightboat.com truly sets themselves apart from the rest is in their dedication to ensuring a personal service. Whether you want to chat on the phone or send an email, someone with knowledge, experience and dedication will be there to answer your queries. 


The boating world is going digital at a rate we couldn’t quite have imagined before, and many companies are now racing to catch up. Over at Rightboat.com they have been developing their winning formula for years. With a combination of technological innovation, simple and cost-effective selling solutions, and a real person at the end of the phone, there really is nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining the momentum. 

If you are a professional yacht broker or dealer who wants to experience explosive sales result for your inventory, then talk to Nicky Tucker, the Managing Director at Rightboat. Alternatively, explore your options in your time, by signing yourself up here (Sell or List Boats as Broker).


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