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21st Sep 2018 by Rightboat

Click and Shoot Well.. And See How Fast Your Boats Sell

People cannot touch or feel your boat when you want it to be sold online. So, your words, your photographs, and your videos are the only way to persuade them to buy it. According to researchers, human beings can only recall - 20% of the what they read and 80% of what that they see.

It’s about first impressions - placing your advert well, with clear images and videos will ensure that a potential buyer will be more inclined to enquire and subsequently travel to see your boat.

So, here are a few ways of getting your clicks right.


Good Camera

A picture is worth a thousand words! The buyer’s decision to contact you to check out the boat in person depends upon the photographs you choose to upload. Taking photographs is the most necessary requirement when you wish to sell a boat online because it adds maximum credibility. When good photographs are included the views are more and in order to take great photos, you need a good camera. You can either use a DSLR or your Smartphone. Always keep the lens clean and clear and then adjust the settings as per your preferences. If using a Smartphone, always turn on the gridlines. The gridlines help in balancing the photographs well. There are many mobile apps like SnapSeed, Photoshop Express, and iPhoto which are outstanding for fine-tuning of photos without compromising their beauty.



Good lighting is critical because it can make or break the photograph. Always make sure the lighting is right. Photographs should be clicked with the sun behind you. The best option is natural daylight, it offers the clearest pics possible. For the interiors that do not have much natural daylight, make use of a desk lamp and avoid shadows. It enhances the photograph by illuminating the dark corners. Take interior photos on a cloudy day and take the exterior photos on a bright day. It works best that way. Make use of flash only when necessary.



Always time it right. When the sun angle is low, glares reduce. We get the best light for photography during the early morning or late afternoon. Sunny days are good for the exteriors.



You get great product photos when it’s clear, sharp and focused. For full image photographs, the key is to maintain a balance between boat, water, sky, focus and then click. And for the detailed objects, get a clear view first, focus and then capture. None of us like blurry photographs. So, focus!



A composition is also important for every photograph. No matter how stunning the sunlight may be, if the photographs are poorly composed it serves zero use. The arrangement done to get the perfect click is composition. Get various views by either moving the boat in different positions or moving around it to get different views, giving the possible buyers a digital tour of the boat. Take shots of the boat in and out of the water, from the bow, stern, beam, quarters and the bottom. Take multiple shots of the deck, cockpit, transom area, and accommodations below decks, focusing on different features. Take close-ups of the snaps and critical connections to show they are in good condition. Keep it all clean and uncluttered because neatness always counts. Good looking landscape photographs always take our breath away. Your boat will look more appealing and pleasant with the trees, mountains, sea and the sky around. Such photographs are more visually pleasing when placed online. Although this is sometimes difficult to achieve with a sailing boat, taking your shots this way will ensure that you utilize the image space available in our carousels.



Capture your boat's best angles. Illustrate size and dimensions. Asking someone to take a photograph of you extending measuring tape in main areas to help possible buyers see the boat's real dimensions will definitely help. Wide-angle and telephoto lenses helps in displaying boats faithfully and realistically. Try and fill the frame in few captures. Take different angles of the interiors and exteriors - front view, back view, side views, top view, interior views, boat floor plan or layout of the boat. Always ensure you put your best picture of the boat side on as your main image. You can rearrange your images by drag and dropping when placing your advert.


Finer Details

Take photographs that show how diligently you have maintained your boat. Click the neat and spotless engine room, shiny countertops, sparkling stove top, well-preserved woodwork, clean decks, polished chrome, and stainless steel. Capture your boat's finer details by taking close-up shots of parts like the boat's engine, helm station, electronics, motor, the controls around the steering wheel, toilets, and anchors. Open lockers and take pictures of the insides. The picture in mind all that you would want to see if you were to buy a boat instead of selling one. Will, you not want to see all the details? The buyer will be happy to see them too.



Let few clicks be of your boat in action. Get someone take a photograph of your boat cruising away from the dock. It will give the potential buyer an idea of how well the boat performs, letting them imagine themselves driving the boat.  


Shooting platforms

Choose your shooting platform in such a way that it lets you cover your entire boat in the frame. If you wish to capture images from land or any other non-floating and stable platforms, a tripod helps. Avoid the background if it is too busy to photograph your boat. Boats can be photographed from the shore, from docks, jetties, chase boats, or a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter. If you want to shoot from a higher angle and helicopter rentals are not an option then choose a higher platform like a bridge, if there’s one in the vicinity or click stills from a drone.


File Size

Follow specific requirements for the size and file type of photographs. For instance, it should be .jpg files less than 100K in size. Capture and save both high and low-resolution photos.


Videos: While capturing a video to sell your boat online, the main focus is always the visual but it is the audio in it that can make it or break it. Smartphones give amazing results when you shoot a video with it. Always hold your phone horizontal as it gives an expansive view.

Here is a youtube link that will help you by giving an idea how to shoot your own boat videos.

Video owner and credits: Scott Magdalein.

Reference Link:  Liveaboard Trawler Boat Tour


INCLUDE: Try and include complete and accurate descriptions of your photographs and videos. Let the buyer be aware that you actually know your boat well. If there are extra components you're listing, get them in the photo/video too – boxes, instruction manuals, batteries, etc. you've mentioned in the description. If your boat is parked on a trailer, specify whether or not the trailer is included, or if it's for sale at an additional cost.

AVOID: Never display the photographs or videos of the past, discolored and cracked decks, corroded anchors, old TVs, frayed dock lines, ruined canvas covers, etc. If any item is very old or in bad condition, it is better to get rid of it or get it replaced. See to it that your description matches your photographs and videos. Avoid distortion when photographing boats.

Remember: the goal is to render the shape of the boat accurately, not to reinterpret it. Don't include anything that won't come with the boat in the photographs. It's best to remove any clutter from your boat and from the area around your boat where you'll be taking photographs and shooting videos.

Note: There are countless boats for sale in the market nowadays and perhaps many similar to yours. So, you got to make your presentation spectacular and special in order to increase your chances of a sale.

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