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Choosing the Perfect Boat

Congratulations! So you’ve decided to buy a boat and join the thousands of boat owners around the globe who enjoy the good life. Look forward to days spent on the water, exploring new places, unwinding with friends and family, and getting away from hustle of everyday life. So where do you start? Let us set the compass and point you in the direction;


What Type of Boat will Suit You?

Yachting is about passion, enjoyment and the utmost in leisure, and you should choose a boat that is not only functional but gets your heart racing. Begin by asking yourself the simple but crucial question; what do you want the boat for? Perhaps you love the idea of leisurely coastal cruising somewhere balmy. Or are you a speed demon who sees themselves flying over the waves at breakneck knots? Do you want it for day trips, long weekends or extended cruises? What kind of activities do you see yourself doing; fishing, scuba diving, or water skiing perhaps? Some boats are designed to slip gently along rivers and canals whilst others are geared for Atlantic crossings. Getting a clear picture of the type of vessel which will suit you and your family is critical to making the right choice. 



Set a Budget

Decide on a realistic budget, taking into account all the costs involved with running a boat. The initial purchase price is just the beginning. Don’t forget to add in the additional costs of surveys, insurance, marina fees, fuel, maintenance, safety requirements and training. 



Start the Search

Armed with an idea of the type of vessel and budget, it’s now time to start your search. This is where the fun really begins. Thankfully long gone are the days of having to trawl through individual broker websites. Today brokers and private sellers are listing their yachts on boat selling sites such as Rightboat.com, boats.com, yachtworld.com. Find every type of boat from the most luxurious of superyachts down to hardy little RIBs. On sites such as Rightboat.com, you’ll find every type of boat from the most luxurious superyachts down to hardy little RIBs. Hone your search down by selecting sail or motor, plugging in your budget and even the size of the boat you’re looking for. Alternatively, if you have your heart set on a particular boat builder you can refine the search by manufacturer. 



Get Specific

As you build a clearer picture of your perfect boat through online searches, yachting magazines, talking to other boat owners and chatting with people at your local marina, it’s time to start refining the choices. The advanced search options on websites such as rightboat.com allow you to get really detailed results. Narrow down the manufacturer and model, enter relevant key words (if that bathing platform is a must, then don’t settle for anything less), or consider the logistics and choose to search for boats in a specific country. Once you’ve created a shortlist, complete the enquiry form and get in touch directly with the brokers – now you’re well on your way!

Written By: Rightboat

The Rightboat team

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